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Saving Money on Avgas!

Avgas is Expensive! We found a great place to fly and save money on fuel. Sherman Municipal Airport. Nice airport and great facilities, not to mention, one of the most active Experimental Aircraft Groups around!

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GoPro Max 360 Flight - Camera Mounting - Video Editing in Post

In this video, we mount 2 GoPro Max 360 Cameras on our Cessna (the Sky Chicken) to try out our new 360 cameras. PLUS show you how to edit your GoPro Max 360 footage using the GoPro Player video editing software.

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I'm comin' home. Two GoPro Max 360 Cameras!

It's fun sometimes to leave, but it's more fun comin' home. This video uses 2 GoPro Max 360 cameras, a whole new way to video your flights!

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Aviation Events, Places to Fly and Videos!

Sign up Today to start receiving our Newsletter about upcoming Aviation Events, Great Places to Fly, and great Videos! It is our mission to promote Aviation, by providing free information about places to fly your airplane, plus exciting news about everything that is aviation. This website is for all Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts. We want to bring the Fun back into Flying. FunPlacesToFly.com

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Van's Aircraft - RV-12iS - Stabilator Attach

In this video, I'm attaching the Stabilator to the RV-12iS Tailcone.

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