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Van's RV Aircraft and 100 Dollar Hamburgers! Life is Good!

What a great combination, Van's RV Aircraft and Hamburgers! Join us as we Fly Gene's RV-7A from McKinney National Airport to Sulphur Springs Airport, to grab a burger at The Red Barn Cafe!

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Sentry Mini ADS-B Receiver Unboxing and Set up - ForeFlight

Watch as we unbox and give an overview of the Sentry Mini ADS-B Receiver and Flight Gear Backup Battery. It’s small, portable and convenient. A great addition to anyone’s flightbag.

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Vans RV-12iS Horizontal Stabilizer Construction: Vlog #1

In this video I'm putting the Hinge Brackets together for the front spar or the horizontal stabilizer of the RV-12iS.

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My RV! Some Basic Tools to Build a Van's Aircraft RV-9A

Here are some of the tools and accessories I used to build my RV-9A.

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Our Aircraft Partnership During COVID-19

This is not a HOW to, or a WHAT to do video. This is how we do our Aircraft Partnership in our Cessna 172.

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