Video Production and Services:
How to Sync Multiple GoPro Video Clips Together with Adobe Premiere Elements - OpenAirNet Aviation Media
How to edit and sync multiple aviation videos with Adobe Premiere Elements. A complete tutorial on editing and syncing videos shot with multiple cameras in different locations on your airplane. Keeping the timing consistent. @OpenAirNet
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Equipment used in the creation of this Video:
Sony AX700 4K HDR Camcorder
GoPro MAX 360 Waterproof Camera
GoPro HERO12 Black Waterproof Camera
Insta360 X3 - Kit Waterproof 360 Action Camera
Action Camera Mounts for Your Airplane
Record ATC Audio with the NFlightCam ATC Audio Cable
Software used in the creation of this Video:
Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Software
Premiere Elements Video Editing Software
Photoshop Elements
Background Music:
Epidemic Sound
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